History of the Seventy Seventh Division

AUGUST 25, 1917
November 11, 1918


THE HISTORY OF THE 77th DIVISION was compiled and written at Chateauvillain, a little town of 1,200 population, in the Department of Haute Marne, France. Division Headquarters were established here December 1, 1918, following the return of the troops from the line after the cessation of hostilities.
Work began a few days after Christmas at No 1 Rue de General Davenet. The house which harbored the office is over a century old, and during 1870, and following the Franco-Prussian War, served as a billet for German officers.
The task of compilation from Divisional Records, maps and personal experiences; the writing, illustrating and editing were completed in a little less than five weeks.
The officers and men who undertook this task, with the limited facilities at hand, were, only a few weeks before, in funk-holes and gun-pits, and came to the work with the vividness and strenuousness of their past days sharply stamped upon their minds. The picture then, is distinctly one of the battlefield, conceived there, and written only a short distance from the scenes of action.

Phase 1 - Camp Upton
Phase 2 Training in France
Phase 3- The Baccarat Sector
Phase IV- Along the Vesle
Phase V - From the Vesle to the Aisne
Phase VI - The Capture of the Argonne
Part 1
Part 2
Phase VII - Advance on Sedan

Roll of Honor
Aasgaard- Brzoska
Blue - Dixon
Docteur - Goebel
Goeres - Isele
Isler - Lipasti
Lippe - Morehouse
Morehouse - Ramberg
Randazzo - Silverstein
Simonds - Ware
Wargon - Killed- Addresses Missing

The Lost Battlion

Tales of the Battlefield

Cartoons drawn in the book
Camp Upton - The Making of a Looie
Overseas - Calais
Billets - Eating - Dreams of Home

Major - General Robert Alexander
Major - General Franklin Bell
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