William Yarrington

Diary of Captain William Yarrington
Revolutionary War 1775-1776
Transcribed by
Elizabeth Yarrington Russell
Clara Hoyt Russell
New Transcript by
Carol Russell Law, 1976

The following excerpts are from a diary kept by William Yarrington during the American Revolution. The unedited copy can be found in the local history room at the Longwood Public Library. The diary was edited by students of the Longwood Middle School.

August 1775.
Two brigs upon the other side of the Point while our men was retreating. The Sloop put out her barge. The Sloop fired their cannon at our boats, our people fired at the barge. The firing increased on all sides a littel spread and fired from the Point and no life lost as yet we know. The Two Brigs laid their corce through the Gait and found the fleet. With discharging a Cannon Each.

Saturday 12th
Grait number sheep and cattel upon their return. It was expected a Tender was porsuing our men. Upon their Return The Whale Boats was pusht off for their Reliveth but their was none their. At Evening orders for ye men at Six o Clock.

Sunday ye 13th
After the men was Porraded and the Boat was Cauld We was ordered to attend Divine Servis Forenoon and After noon. From Timothy 2nd Chapter Third 4 and 5 verses Which Draud the Careictor of Offiser and Solder and a Solemn Address to Offiser and Solder in a particular manner.After Devine Servise the soldiers was porraded, The list Beind cauld we retired to our lodging.

Tuesday August ye 15th.
The Generals Companys in a Batallon was formed With the grenadiers and light infantry upon the Right, marcht Sloe and quick marcht and Whole Betallon was Exercised Together and marcht by drum and fife attended with grait numbers of Spectators which made a butiful apearence.The day concluded with Singing and prayers

Sept. 1775.
And concluded With Three Who saw The Company marcht into Town and Received the Capt's treat. By this time The Solders was Troublesome and we left the Town and Traveld til after Night and The Disperst to our lodging. I lodged at Mr. David Hedge.

Wensday 6.
Rose early in the morning Traveld on. Breakfast at Cousin Hanna Harrys. Stopt at Capt. Hubbards. Exercised. The men marcht in order. Stopping Several times by the way. Got to Mr Griffins about 12:o o Clock. Part of the Company Took Dinner and then Disperst and made the rest of our way home. I my family in Safety. I Thank God for Such a favour.

Thursday 7
After brackfast and Family Duty over went to Work That Day.

Fryday 8th
Visited Several relations and workt That Day.

Saturday 9
Workt Today and made preparations for a march. Towards night went to meeting.

Sunday Sept. 10.
Mr. Gillet preacht at Corum And I and my wife went to meeting.

Monday Sept 11
Workt Some and made a prepation for a march.

Tuesday Sept. 12th.
This morning Left home and went to Corum a according To orders and Time appointed. With wife and Children with me, Exercised the Comp. a Spel, Then Took Dinner at Mr. Daytons, then Exercised a while, we then marcht for Setaukit. Our paks being brought in a waggon we Stopt at Mr. Brewster, Took a Drink of Cider Then marcht to Capt Woodhulls, got their about Sun Down. Exercised the Company & Took a Treat for our pains from Captain Woodhull. And their put up for present quarters.

Wensday Sept. 13
We are in Good Spirits at our quarters a Waitting for our Capt.

Thursday ye 14th.
After Role Caulling and Brackfast Exercised The Company. After Dinner the Lieut and a number of our men went to Maj. Floyd's. He treated us with good language and Drink And let us have a whale boat for pass time to goe to the harbours mouth to Look out for a Sail or our Company. This eving nuse the Capt. was sick and Lieut. Marvin Sent for to march the Company up.

Fryday 15
I went home to my family. Took leave of them after tarrying one night and all friends.

Saturday ye 16
Left home and Came to Setauket at Dinner Time.

Sunday ye 17.
The Company attend meeting at Mar. Woodhulls. The Eastward part of our company Came in to Setauket harbour. The Capt. came to town this eving.

Munday ye 18th.
After our bread was Backt the company poraded and received the majs treat. We Imbarckt aboard, the ankor was Waid, histed sail, left Setauket about Sun Down. Having a light Brese, wind South Sow West Came past Huntington Next Morning.

Wensday 20.
The Company arived at the City of New York at Bateman's Slip about Ten o Clock after the Captain and Lieut. Went on Shore. After their return the Company Landed. Marcht Through the City with Drum and fife and Took quarters in the Barracks.

Thursday 21st
This morning our arms was carryd to the armours, all that wanted repairing. This eving attendednDivine Service at Mr. Gornos meeting. One Mr. Manning preacht, President of Rhode Island Cholledge.

Fryday ye 22nd
Capt. Grinnals Company Marcht out of the City.

Saturday 23
Capt. Johnsons Company Marcht out of the City.

Sunday ye 24
This morning our Capt. Begun to make payment to the Company to the first of September. So the Sabath was ended in that manner.

Munday ye 25
This Day the City was alarmed all under arms to march to Hempstead to Receive Some prisoners and to take Care of the Torrys. Ye Lighthorse And Each Company with their different Liverys which was Butifull to the Eye to Behold. Exercised their Companys and Returnd to their quarters.

Tuesday ye 26th
had the opportunity to see Esqer Jobe from Long Island and gave him the charge of twelve dollars & a lb. of tea to carry to my wife.

Wensday 27 Septer.
Left New York by order of the Congress and marcht tow or three miles from the Barracks and the Company Imbarkt aboard for Albany. The wind Blew to south. Waid ancor, Histed sail and got to top on way and Dropt ancor about one or Two o Clock at Night. The wind and tide being ahead.

Thursday 28th
This morning all hands was Well. Through the mercy of God. Our Captain took thirteen desarters aboard belonging to Capt. Johnson's Company. Belong to our Redgement. Ye wind and Tide Being Contrary Dropt Anker at Anthony's . At ten of the Clock histed Sail and Dropt Anker at New Winsor about Three o Clock that night.

Fryday 29
This morning part of our Offisers went on shore and took Breckfast. When all hands got on board histed sail, went about 6 miles the wind being ahead, put about to Winsor again. Went on Shore that night. our offissers and Some men partook of supper.

Saturday 30th
The Company went on shore for Exercise. The Capt. had the preference more than any company before them. That Day histed sail at Night, lay to.

Sunday, October 1st.
histed Sail about Brake of Day Having a Fresh Brese that Night, got to Albany that Night at the Dusk of the Eving.

Munday October 2nd.
Our Company Reimbarckt and incampt the North part of the city in a large pasture by the Riverside in the Continental Tents.

Tuesday ye 3
Nothing remarkabel Today. One of our men Sent home sick.

Wensday 4
Our men are some of them sick. Went of for home today, two men more. Our men Begin to be sick in this unholsom place.

Thursday 5
We are here in this tiresom place to Lodge on the Cold ground this Night. Collonel Van Scoyik Sent for a gard of a sergint and Six men. The Capt. Sent me to Wait upon his honor. Had the charge of Fifteen prisoners Both Regular and french from St. John's.

Fryday 6
Then was Releaved from gard after stanning Sentry all night. Capt. Hurlbart Came into our Camp Tonight and pitcht their tents.

Saturday 7.
Made preparation for a march, Struck our tents. The Sick men was sent in to the Hospital and a gard sent to the Fort to gard the prisoners. Then put our baggage into the waggins, left Albany Camp. About two of the clock crost the ferry at that flats. Marcht to the New City at the dusk if the eving and staid at Mr. Tillmans. Exercised our men the next morning, marcht after Twelve o Clock, Crost the new fery. Stopt once, tookt Refreshment. put up at a Dutchman's. This was Sunday 8th.

Munday 9th
After breckfast marcht Leaving one Sick man behind. Stopt at Mr. Benjamin's Took Refreshment, marcht to Stillwater, Halted at Liberty, gave three cheers, marcht, rested at mr. Graham's, marcht to Lt. Marvin's and rested ourSelves. took a drink that Leut. Marvin gave us; Our offisers dined at the Doctor's then marcht to Mr. Johnson's and put up that night.

Tuesday 10th
Marcht this morning, lost one man sick, Took breckfast at the Mills, Stopt at MackNeals and Took Some refreshment. Put up at Mr. Ashman's for the night.

Wensday 11th.
We all marcht this morning to the Ferry and took Breakfast, Through the goodness of God we are in health. Crost the Ferry marcht by the Ruins of Fort Edward, made several stops, got to Mr. Wing's that night.

Thursday 12th
Marcht early this morning past by the Halfway Brook, went about three miles from our lodging and kuct (cooked) breckfast. Then marcht to the Lake and pitcht our tents about Two of the clock. It was very Cold Night to lie on the ground that night.

Fryday 13th
General Wooster's troops marcht to the Lake to Day and Capt. Hurlbart's Baggage and gard.

Saturday ye 14th
Capt. Hurlbart's Company marcht to Fort George this day. I assisted at ye General muster master's place or house for writting. Helpt Draw the muster kards for our Company for the Revue and present State on Command and Sick.

Sunday ye 15th
Finnished the business of writeing; just at Night was mustered by the General Muster master. Gen'l Wooster's Company part of them Crost the Lake.

Munday ye 16
This morning got in readiness. Capt. Hurlbart with fife men and myself with bisness to the General at 11 o Clock left the fort. Took some Refreshment at tubal Island, it being a head wind we Lodged at Saboth Day Point that Night.

Tuesday 17th.
Rose Early this morning, got to the landing at about Ten o Clock. Rested ourSelves, we eat Backfast, then walkt up to Fort Ticonderogue. Returnd & Lodged at the Landing that Night.

Wensday 18th
The Capt. set out this morning with Capt. Sedgick and his Brother and Several others. got that Day to Saboth Day Point. Stopt their for that Day and Staid all Night and had victuals and Drink plenty. a number of sick men tarried at ye point.

Thursday Oct. 19
Rose early this morning after a morning drum, got Breckfast, made preparation to goe on board Both Sick and well Left the point at Eight o Clock. Got to Fort George at Twelve o Clock. All Returnd in Safty tho not all well. I was not Well my self by reason of the coald I chetcht in my passage back.

Fryday 20th
I was not well the Last Eving and was some poorly to Day. It has raind Extreem Hard several Days. Their is Know nuse Remarkabel at present.

Saturday 21st
Some men died out of the hospital, a Lieut. and two soldiers. At night brother Isaac went to the hospital being not well.

Sunday, Octoer. 22nd
Orders to imbark for Ticonderogue, got Breckfast, Struck our tents, putt all things on board. Left Fort George at Twelve o Clock in Company with Capt. Hurlbart's Company. Having a fine brese of wind got that night to Saboth Point and incamped.

23 Day.
After Breckfast Early next morning put on Board got to the Landing in the afternoon, pitcht our tents, got some Refreshment for to Stay all Night. Sudding Orders to strike tents and march to headquarters at Ft. Tic. this eving. Part of our Company marcht and incampt at headquarters.

Tuesday 24
In the forenoon recd our provisians for Three Days, regl orders at Night. I attended as orderly Sergeant to take orders. Was not well toDay, at night was quite poorly.

Wensday, Oct. 25
This morning warned, and turned out our men upon the Porade for works. Assisted in Droying a Return of our Company, then was appointed Orderly for the General, tho I was not a bit Well that Day and Rested not well that Night But through the unspeakabel Goodness of God this morning I am Some Better.

Thursday 26th
A general Cort marshall was hold at the Fort today.

Fryday, October 27th
I had the care of the working party. the Cort Marshal sat again toDay at the Fort.

Saturday October 28.
Was orderly for the Day.

Sunday October 29th
Early this morning turnd out the working party, then the gard, then made the Report of the Company present. To Day at Three o Clock Dind with Captain Griffings & Capt. Hurlbart's and Markeys, two colonels, six Captains, Twelve Lieuts & a Docktor and an Adjutant. At Night Receiv'd General orders and minutes of the Court Marshal.

Munday. 30th.
At nine of the Clock our Companys marcht on to the Point to see the marshal law Executed upon 6 Soldiers, which receivd 39 lashes apeace Except one Which was to be Receivd at 4 times being ye graitest in Crime. At night Came in the prisoners from Shambelle to Ticonderogue Being 184 in number, men , Woman and Children.

Tuesday, 31st
Early morning Liet. Riker and a Corporal & 10 men with a Battow (flat bottom boat) loaded with artilery Stores Belonging to Coll. Holm's Regt. Set out for St. Johns.

Wensday, November ye 1st
This morning Captain Hurlbart's Company by order of ye General Struck their Tents & marcht to the Landing to imbark aboard and to cross Lake George & to goe down the Country wiyh the prisiners.

Thursday, Nov. 2nd
This morning Expected to goe to Crown Point Having Leave from ye Coll Providence ordered it otherwise.

Fryday ye 3.
Nuse that Falmouth near Boston is burnt by ye King's soldiers orders.

Saturday ye 4.
Our men Groes Sickly & Duty Exsreamly hard.

Sunday ye 5
it was raney & uncomfortabel For Soldiers to be hear the in Continental servis. Nothing Remb. at present.

Munday ye 6
ToDay I was the General's orderly Sarjeant and Sergt Clark. Took ye orders for ye Company.

Tuesday Novem. ye 7th
The Long expected Express arived at Head Quarters from St. Johns. To the General that informs of ye Taking and Capitulation of St. Johns which was on ye Third Instant of ye month. This eving Capt. Johnson set out for Albany with the Express by order of the General.

Wensday ye 8th
ToDay Capt. Prat's Company marcht to headquarters.

Thursday Nov. 9th
Early this morning the General orders tents to be struck Through ye Commands & all ye Company to Take Shelter in ye Barracks. The prisoners Boats hove in Site from Saint Johns while we were moving our baggage to ye Fort. Being a tedious Storm of Rain and Snow.

Fryday ye 10.
The strorm Continue ToDay and it was over Shoes in mud & mier Having ye Barracks Crowded with ye prisoners Which was 594 which Grounded their arms at St. Johns Besides Woman and Children which were about.

Saturday November ye 11th.
This morning the prisoners Imbarkt, Some by ye way of Skeansbour and some by Lake George With a gard of one hundred men under ye Command of Capt. Mott. the Same morning Captain Griffing and his Brother went to the landing & cross ye Lake and to goe to Fort George & from thence Down the country being lame and not well. In ye after noon the unhappy Misfortain happind. The fort set on fire by ye prisoners as it was supposed in the Time they was hear at ye Fort.

Sunday Nov. 12th
I had ye Care of men main guard in the Fort with Lieut. Thompson.

Munday Nov. 13
To Day Capt. Baldwin's Company came to head quarters. our sick men was Discharged From Hospital and Sent to Fort George. A Searjent and four men. Jest at Night four gentlemen from Philadelphy Came to head Quarters of ye Light horse with four boxes of money. Lieut. Norton went on Command To Day to Skeansborow with 13 men out of our Company to fetch Battows that ye prisoners went down in.

Tuesday Nov. 14.
Lieut. Norton Returned from Skeansborow with the party of men having a Storm of Snow upon his Return.

Thursday ye 16th
This morning took ye charge of the guard under Lieut. Hunter, having a Tedious Cold Night of it.

Fryday ye 17
Lieut. Brunsen from St. John's with a party of Sick men came to head quarters.

Saturday ye 18th
This Day Captain _____ from St. Johna arived to Genl Schuiler with the Express that informs the surrendering of Montreal.

Wenesday ye 22nd.
Today at Eving Came in an Express From Coll. Arnol to the General that informs that Governor Carlton is Blockt up in the River with our gallant boys.

Fryday ye 24th.
To Day I was orderly for his Excellency. Capt. Peck and Capt. Arnold with part of their Company from Crown Point, came by land to Head Quarters.

Tuesday ye 28.
Lieut. Norton Having a permit from General Schuiler Set out for home

Saturday ye 2. December.
This Day Came out in General orders for Capt. Griffing Company thats Now in the Garrison is to move to Fort George.

Monday 4th.
This morning put our Baggage up, got the powder in Readiness. Loaded our stores on sleds with the powder, Went to the Landing, Sick and lame and dragg'd a boat from ye Bridge to the Lake. Put all things on board with high spirits to leave this Northward part of ye World.

Tuesday December 5th.
Got all on board Early to prosecute our journey. Our party of Officers was Majr. Tuthill, Lieut Riker. Lieut Marvin had the charge of 5 prisoners, Three white men and two Indians.

Saturday December 9th.
Our Company is hardly used. Have to keep a guard in the fort & Turned out on fatogue (fatigue) Drawing Batuoes out of the Lake & Live in Barracks Colder than a barn with 24 men round one fire. This a Disappointment enoufe to Discourage poor Soldiers in Their Country's Defense. When Lieut. Marvin had orders from the General to march Immediately With the powder and prisoners to Albany I just hint at Things for I am bound always.

Saturday. December 16.
Traveled on Early This morning, Crost the Ferry at the fields, got to Albany after noon having a harrowing march from Fort George.

Tuesday. December 19.
To Day got my gun Lock Dun, a new Day made.

Munday, December 25th.
Christmust Day, which was a pleasant Day But the Dnow was Deep and I Two Hundred miles or more from home. This Eving a man belong to the City of Albany being overChardg with Liquor was denied Entrance at his master's house, was found Next morning Frose to Dath in a open Room from Home.


Tuesday, May 28
ToDay Received our Cartridge Boxes, Tents and other impliments With our Cartridges.

Tuesday June 4th.
ToDay Captain Griffing Came to the Point. The Company was exercised and formed the Square. I Received a Letter from home that informs me of Difficulties at home.

Thursday, June 6th
I had the oppertunity to see Captain Baly from Setaucket Bound to Sea. Took Dinner with us and he apeared an Enemy to the Cause. He went out ToDay to sea.

Monday 10
Mr. Davis from Coram Came to Oyster Pond, by him I Received a Letter from home and was glad to hear my family was well and all friends.

Tuesday 11th.
ToDay Colonel Garner & Majr Isaacs and Some of the Sagharbour Quality Came to Show Themselves.

Fryday, 14.
The Company Recevid their Cartridges, Likewise Lieut. Smith Came to Camp from Sagharbour with the guns the Committee provided for the Company. The square was formed and Lieut. Smith Treated the Company which paid His Entrance.

Sunday 16.
To Day an Express came to Coll. Terry's from New York with orders to have the Companys to be in readiness at the Shortest warning or notis.

Thursday, August 1st.
Captain Davis and his Ensign is come to our Camp for a season. John Alleebin was brought as a prisoner to our Camp.

Fryday, 9th
Orders given by Coll. Smith that the Stock are to be fecht of the Island.

Monday August 12th
I got to Coram about Twelve o Clock and took dinnerr and got to my own house after Two o Clock. Found my family well to my grait Satisfaction.

Thursday 15th.
Capt. Mulford's Company & Captain Roger's Company Marcht through Coram to Day.

Wednesday, August 21st
I took leave of my family and all friends and Set for Oyster Ponds. I took dinner at Sergt. Brown's

Sonday, 25th
Nues this Eving from New York that our Army Begun the Bloody Ingagement Last Fryday, 23rd of month. After the Regelars Begun to Land our Riflemen Fought the Battel upon Retreat Till They was Being Forst and may the prayer of God's people ascend in Such a hour as this that God would cover the heads of Those that jeopard there lives in so just a cause, and our enemies put to confusion.

Fryday, August 30th.
To Day afternoon the nues arived to Camp of the Battle fout at Flat Bush, the Bold attempt of our unnatural Enemies and the Conquest of our Army. The Soldier of the kind of times come for some asistance for to kill the Enemy was coming for them. Louis Rockwell younger.
Fryday Eveing
The Express came to Captain Roe to have his Company in Readiness to march as quick as possibel. The drum was ordered to Beat to arms immediately. Alarum was fired

Monday September 2nd.
Nuse flue from all quarters which was Day of Confusion and Sorrow to all True Sons of Liberty. The afore was Consulted and Teams was provided for the Baggage.Capt. Davis Joined our Two Companys with his. The Tents was Struc and Carts Loaded. We turned our Backs on our Enemies for the present and marcht Leaving our Dear Friends Behind.

Tuesday September 3rd.
The Companys marcht this morning in four Ranks in a Company aBreast. Got to Southholdtown after noon, had some Spiritous Liquor at Mores, then marcht to the harbours mouth. Vessels was pressed for our use.

Wednesday September 4th.
This morning we Histed Sail. Came to Oyster Ponds While ye Cannon was Brought on Board.

Saterday, September 7th.
The Inhabitans of our deprived Island are Dailey Leaveing There Habitations

Wednesday, September 11th.
Made Sabrook Harbour about Twelve o Clock, marcht up to Camp.

Saturday, 14th.
This Eving John Ruland of Captain Griffings Company was heard to Dam the Congress and swore it was better times under ye King and vented himself against ye cause in many hard expressions for which he was confined.

Sonday, September 15th.
Orders to Strike tents and doe up our Baggage in order to Imbark. All the Companys marcht to the waterside. Capt. Davis' Company & 32 men out of our Company Being 100 men Officers Excluded Imbarkt on Board for Long Island, the Rest of the men staid at Sabrook. A Regimental court martial was held to Try John Ruland of Captain Griffings Company. Found gilty of a mutiny was Sentence to be whipt ninety lashes on the Bare Back.

Thursday, September. 26.
Took Breckfast at Capt. Booth's the cattel was got on Board, we Came to Sail about 12 o Clock. Got to Saybrook. My Capt. was glad to see me & had a good many Welcomes from others.

Fryday 27th.
It is Reported the ministeral army is Imbarking at York. This Eving my wife & Children Came into Saybrook, with some of our affects to my grait joy.

Tuesday, Oct. 22nd.
The Rhode Island Forces arived to this place with Fifty Whale Boats.

Thursday 24th.
The Company Imbarked on Board our Comp went on Board of Capt. Cooper. Coll. Levenston's Detachment of vessels was upwards of 20.

Saturday, October 26th.
Got the vessel of and after our officers Came on board we came to sail at nine of ye Clock. Esq. Youngs and Mr. Lester in a smaul boat from Sterling Came on Board of our vessel. Inform us of Fourty Tories on horseback are ransacking the Island.

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