Davis Cemetery

The old Davis Family burying ground is located on what was the farm of DANIEL ROE DAVIS. It is still on Davis property. It is located about 150 yards up a dirt driveway and behind a house. The driveway is about 200 yard north of Rt. 25 in Coram, on the east side of CoramMt. Sinai Road. All stones were copied by Elbert K. CARTER on 5 Aug. 1962 and checked again on 30 July 1971. 1 have also compared the data with that of WILLIAM A.D. EARDELEY who copied all the stones on 11 Aug.1922. Stones #1 & 2 were missed when the yard was copied in 1922.


1. URANIA M. DAVIS, dau. of LESTER S. & HARRIET DAVIS, d. 29 Aug. 1857 (possibly 47) age 6 years 6 mo. 24 days. f.s. U.M.D. (white sandstone)

2. LEANDER DAVIS, son of LESTER S. & HARRIET DAVIS, d. 30 April 1862 age 17 years 8 mo. f.s. L.D. (white sandstone)

3. Mr. BREWSTER TERRY, d. 23 Aug. 1796 in the 65th year of his age. ELIZABETH TERRY, his wife, d. 28 July 1842 in the 97th year of her age. f.s. B.T. & E.T. Note: D.A.R. marker & flag. He was son of GERSHOM & MARY (WELLS) TERRY and she was dau, of ELIJAH & MARY DAVIS.

4. WILLIAM DAVIS d. _ Feb. 1816 age 61 years f.s. W.D. (red sandstone)

5. ELNATHAN DAVIS d. 20 Dec. 1815 age 85 years f.s. E.D. (red sandstone)

6. HANNAH DAVIS, relict of ELNATHAN DAVIS, d. 7 Sept. 1818 age 76 years f.s. looked like S.D. which may be misplaced. (red sandstone)

7. CHARLES DAVIS, son of MATTHIAS & FRANCES DAVIS, d. 15 Feb. 1792 age 6 mo. f.s. C.D. (red sandstone) Note: Matthias DAVIS 1761-1849, married 1790, FRANCES HAVENS, dau. of JAMES & ELIZABETH (BOWDITCH) HAVENS,1766-1831

8. ELIZABETH DAVIS, wife of ELIJAH DAVIS, d. 23 Oct. 1822 f.s. E.D. (white sandstone)

9. AZEL R. DAVIS, son of Mr. ISAAC DAVIS, d. 13 Sept. 1806 in 22nd year. f.s. A.R.D. (red sandstone) Note: his-middle name was ROE and he was the son of Isaac & HANNAH DAVIS.

10. Mr. ISAAC DAVIS d. 26 April 1814 in the 74th year of his life, f.s. I.D. (red sandstone) Note. He son of Capt. SAMUEL DAVIS.

11. OLIVER DAVIS d. 17 April 1826 age 36 years f.s. O.D. (white sandstone)Note: He son of Dea. SAMUEL & JOANNA DAVIS.

12. SAMUEL DAVIS, ESQ. d. 21 Sept. 1837 age 51 years 9 mo. 21 days. (it was recorded as 24 days in 1922) Note: He was son of Deacon SAMUEL & JOANNA DAVIS.

13. RUTH DAVIS, wife of SAMUEL DAVIS, ESQ.9 d. 7 Nov. 1864 age 77 years 5 mo. 9 days. No f.s. found. (white sandstone) Note: She was RUTH NORTON.

14. JOANNA DAVIS, wife of DEA. SAMUEL DAVIS, d. 28 Oct. 1857 (It was recorded as 1851 in 1922) in 85 th year. f.s. J.D. (white sandstone) Note: She was dau. of Lt. JAMES 1732-1802) & JOHANNA (ROE) DAVIS.

15. Deac. SAMUEL DAVIS d. 13 June 1841 in the 77th year of his age. f.s. S.D. (white sandstone) Note: He son of ELIJAH & MARY ) DAVIS.

16. HARRIET DAVIS, dau. of GOLDSMITH & MARY DAVIS, d. 19 Oct. 1828 age 20 years 7 mo. 2 days f.s. H.D. (white sandstone)

17. POLLY CORWIN, wife of CHARLES CORWIN, d. 11 or 14 Oct. 1819 in 35th year. f.s. P.C. (white sandstone) Note: He son of JOHN CORWIN & JULIA HEDGES.

18. GOLDSMITH DAVIS d. 26 April 1825 age 69 years 3 mo. 8 days f.s. G.D. (white sandstone) Note: He son of ELIJAH DAVIS # 21.

19. MARY DAVIS, relict of GOLDSMITH DAVIS, d. 25 April 1848 in the 78th year of her age. f.s. M.D. (.white sandstone)

20. LEWIS G. DAVIS d. I May 1879 age 75 years f.s. L.G.D. (white sandstone) Note: He a son of GOLDSMITH & MARY DAVIS.

This is the most recent stone in the cemetery.

21. ELIJAH DAVIS d. 6 July 1802 age 76 years f.s. E.D. (red sandstone) Note: He was the son of Captain SAMUEL & HANNAH DAVIS. He married 1st MARY and 2nd ELIZABETH

22. ELIZABETH DAVIS, wife of GOLDSMITH DAVIS, d. 22 Dec. 1801 age 44 years 5 mo. 14 days f.s. E.D. (red sandstone) Note: She was ELIZABETH BROWN and was mar. 8 June 1780 in Smithtown, N.Y. Presbyterian Church.

23. Mrs. MARY DAVIS, wife of Mr. ELIJAH DAVIS, d. 4 Oct. 1786 in 54th year f.s. M.D. (red sandstone)

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