Mills, John

from Yaphank As It Is and Was
Beecher Homan



Mr. Mills is a shrewd, successful, business man; a model husband and father. He clings with unwavering tenacity to the interests of his advocates and friends; but is austere, and unrelenting toward the unfortunates who may fail in acquiescing with his views and ideas. As a politician-as a financier-he has been remarkably successful.

His anterior experience and education have proved a precise counsellor in all his speculations, and have brought him successfully out of all his business labyrinths and undertakings.


He is very exact in keeping his contracts; is generally prompt in his engagements, and requires the same punctuality of others. With his employees he is sharp and precise, and is very " driving " in his mode of business. He is generally regarded as " Stern " within his business circle. If his disposition drew him thither, he would make a " noise" in Wall street, at the " Stock Board," or as a railroad operator. He would be successful as a banker, broker, or at any occupation he might choose. He possesses shrewdness, tact, energy and brains. Mr. Mills' prominent characteristic tendency is his innate determination to serve those to whom he is attached, at any inconvenience or cost.


In society he is affable, complaisant and interesting; an excellent conversationist; ever ready with appropriate anecdotes, and brief, ludicrous squibs.

He is about fifty-five years af age ; and the cares and changes of a business life have dealt gently with him. He appears not over forty; has dark hair and beard, a well knit and developed physique.


John Phillips Mills might tread as firmly on Change as a Gould or Vanderbilt, and possess a limited portion of
their enterprising propensities ; but he certainly possesses none of the charitable proclivities that immortalized the names of Peabody and Drew.

Mr. Mills is not benevolently inclined-at least not in Yaphank. His philanthropical prodigalities are not extraordinary-rather miniature!

I have yet to learn that he ever claimed much generous distinction, and as he does not appropriate that which is not virtually his, we may credit it as a redeeming feature, compared with the "features" of most public paragons.
In early life he " tilled the soil," laboring upon his father's farm during the Summer months, and teaching the district ideas how to shoot, in Winter.

He has bowed before Hymen's shrine -three successive times, and wept over the graves of two wives. He has but one heir to inherit the fruits of his invincible will and enterprise. He is reputed to be worth from one hundred to three hundred thousand,

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