Transition Organizations and Information Timeline for NYSAA Students

Age 15 
Office of Persons with Development Disabilities
Eligibility - This has been reported to take up to 6-12 months

  • Complete Eligibility Form
  • Obtain a letter of Medical Diagnosis stating that your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability prior to the age of 21
  • Complete Adaptive Scale (ABOS or Vineland) - Given by School
  • Submit all documents to Julie McCarthy - Transition Coordinator
  • Packet from district will be sent to OPWDD - this will include a copy of the current IEP and psychological testing
  • This can take 6 months to hear back

Website for forms - OPWDD

**If primary diagnosis is autism we will need additional documentation.   Please contact Julie McCarthy for more details  (631) 345-9287 or [email protected] 

Front Door Training Session - This is what you need to sign up for and attend.  It can be done over the phone if you request it.  You can do this BEFORE you are made eligible.

Front Door Contact:

Front Door Training Individual Meeting - This is where you will discuss services that you think can help your child.

- Have an idea of what services you want for your child prior to this meeting.  See attached sheet of services or visit website
- Discuss timeline for when they feel you need to begin applying for SSI/Medicaid Services (students are eligible when they turn 18)

Finding a Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC)
The MSC will become your contact person. They will assist in getting you services or organizing your services.  This will begin after you have SSI/Medicaid.  If you are receiving services prior to turning 18, there are Non-Medicaid Services available.*  If any issues with OPWDD eligibility arise, please contact the district Transition Coordinator.  We can then look into why it was denied as well as other organizations such as ACCES-VR or The Commission for the Blind.

Ages 16/17 

This can take a year to complete.  There are two types of guardianship.  17-A can be filed without a lawyer.

New York State Guardianship Forms - 17-a
NYS Guardianship Forms

Organizations that offer support/information at no or minimal cost
Long Island Advocacy Center
Long Island Advocacy Center

SILO - Suffolk Independent Living Organization
Suffolk Independent Living Organization

Brandow Law
Regina Brandow, Esq.
Brandow Law

Supplemental Security Income (SS) is a United States government program that provides stipends to low-income people who are either aged (65 or older), blind or disabled.  According to the Social Security website, people must have SSI for one month prior to receiving Medicaid.
Social Security

SSI Frequently Asked Questions

SSI Starter Kit Information
SSI Starter Kit

Age 18
Employee Training Program (ETP) Application

  • This is a program through OPWDD that we have integrated into the Northport High School program when appropriate.  A student's ultimate goal must be independent employment.  Support is given through the last two years of high school and 18 months past graduation through OPWDD services.

Not ALL students are eligible for this program - there is an application process through OPWDD and they determine eligibility.

Ages 19-21
Start meeting with Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC)

  • Identify services your child will require for post-secondary transition (See OPWDD services sheet)
  • Identify supports and people who will provide support and services, Day Hab environments, etc.  This will be individualized based on each child's needs.

Possibly apply for ACCESS-VR services - if determined necessary by your MSC

  • If doing Self-Determination
  • If you have a budget, it is submitted to the state for approval.  This process is monitored by your MSC
  • Launch Meeting - this is a meeting that will happen after your budget is accepted.  You will meet with the MSC and broker to finalize and implement the plan

Medicaid provides health coverage to more than 50 million children, families, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.  Medicaid is used to cover services through OPWDD after graduation.
Applying for Medicaid

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