1793 William Brewster to James Dayton

Land in Middle Island - East side of the Connecticut River part of two lots in the little division
Lot numbers 11 and 12. Bounded by
Northerly by Daniel Swezey – This must be lot 10
East by the highway – Wading River Road?
West by the river

William Phillips to James Dayton
For 6 pounds 10 shillings
Piece of land lying and being in the division on the East side of the head of the Connecticut River.
It being the west end of lot number 51 running to the wading river hollow

Zachariah Hawkins to James Dayton 225 pounds East side of the river
North by land of John Turner
On the east the wading river road
West by the land of HenryDayton

Jonathan Jones to James Dayton
Land lying at north Commack bounded south to my meadow - westerly by the bay
Northerly by the meadow of Daniel Homan Easterly by the land of William Smith Esq.

Daniel Jones to James Dayton
North by the land of Clark Overton
Easterly by a line called Manor
Southerly by the land of Henry Dayton
Westerly by the road or highway running through Wading River

William Overton to James Dayton
100 dollars
West by the Wading River Road
South by the 48th lot in the little division
Easterly by the Manor line

Henry Dayton to James Dayton
900 dollars
West by the Connecticut River
South by the lands of James Dayton
Easterly by the road reserved between the two tier of lots
Northerly by the land of Henry Raynor deceased being lots No. 13 – 14 -15 so running the width of said three lots to the wading river road with the lot No. 47 in the East division of lots from the road.

Sylvanus Overton to James Dayton
West by the land of Benjamin Havens and William Turner
North by the land of said Sylvanus Overton
South by the land of said James Dayton
Easterly by the lands of Daniel Overton

Daniel Overton and Albert Davis to James Dayton
West and south by the land of James Dayton
North and East by the lands of Daniel Overton

Daniel Overton to James Dayton
Beginning at the Wading River Road adjoining the land of William Phillips
Running easterly by and with the land of William Phillips until it comes across the land from Sidney Smiths
Then southerly by and with the land of Wm. Sidney Smith and til it comes to a road called Mosures Road then westerly by and with the road until it comes to the north west corner of a cleared lot then west to the wading river road, then Northerly by and with the road until it comes to the first mentioned place or boundary. Also a certain piece or parcel of land lying West of the said Wading River road bounded as follows North by the lands of Apollas Mills
West by the lands of James Dayton and southerly by the lands of James Dayton
Easterly by the Wading River Road.

Zachariah Dayton to James Dayton and William Dayton
Beginning at the Connecticut River thence running easterly along the fence between the river and West orchard to the highway thence northerly along the highway

Zachariah Dayton to Wm. And James Dayton
All that part and potion of real estate of James Dayton late of Brookhaven deceased – lying South of a certain line described as follows
Beginning at Connecticut River thence running Easterly along the highway until it comes to a fence on the East side of said highway thence running East across the North orchard and hollow by the fence to a ditch thence Southerly along said ditch to a fence running Easterly thence Easterly along the fence to the East end of the garden lot
Northerly to the middle of the road thence Easterly by the old mowing? Lot fence to the South East corner thence Northerly along the East fence of said mowing lot by the Northeast corner, thence Easterly by a fence to the Wading River Hollow Road
Southerly by said road to a certain locust stake and stone fixed for a bound. Thence due East course to the Northwest corner of Clark’s lot thence Easterly along the ditch of said lot to the end of said ditch thence due East course to Yaphank line.
James Dayton died July 14th, 1872
William Dayton his brother died – his will dated May 12th 1869
John Dayton to Thomas Prosser deed dated Oct. 4th 1889

Conveyed 239 acres of land


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