J. Edwards House



The Edward's Homestead, east of the Miller Place- Middle Island Road, south of Whiskey Road; Photo from Mrs. Margaret (Davis) Gass

The Edwards house was located on the Miller Place Yaphank Road, just north of Whiskey Road and East of the Miller Place Road. It was between the twin ponds that are still on either side of the road.

The original settler in this homestead was Jonathan Edwards. We have no birth records but the family bible lists him as a French and Indian War veteran. New York State muster rolls for the French and Indian War have Edwards enlisting in 1758. The exact date of construction for the home is unknown. We get a clue from a copy of a will found in the Longwood Public Library dated 1761. Jonathan Edwards states that he gives to his wife Rebecca " all land at the pond ajoining to Steven Swezeys land to her and her assigners she is also to have all property until oldest son Jonathan comes to age of 21". The family home was in front of this pond so we can assume it to have been built before 1761.

According to family tradition, after the fall of Quebec, Edwards was given 300 acres of land in Middle Island in lieu of payment. He came to Middle Island bringing with him seedlings of white pine trees and planting them near his farm. There is currently a large cluster of white pines on the Miller Place Road where the family home once stood. It is also claimed that from this forest of white pines, "Uncle Billy" Dayton took seedlings and planted them around his home. This was the beginning of what is now called Prossers Pines or Cathedral Pines.

The land owned by the Edwards went north towards Miller Place, west to the Swezey property called Swezeytown, and south to the land owned by Lt. Robinson.

In a later will dated 1761, replacing the 1752 will, Edwards leaves "unto my wife Rebacah Edwards a decent comfortable living of my estate as long as she remains my widow" "I give and bequeth unto my beloved son Jonathan Edwards the homestead … and half my farming utensils". I order him to pay to his three sisters Ruth, Sarah and Rebacah Edwards the just sum of thirty pound lawful money of New York". " to my well beloved son William Edwards a certain tract of land joyning to Stephen Swezey in the middle of ye Island"

The son Jonathan Edwards was born in 1736 and died in 1823 at the age of 87. The family bible records him as having been a Revolutionary War veteran. According to the family bible he was married three times. When Edwards died in 1823 his farm was turned over to his son Jonathan Edwards who was born Feb. 13, 1788 (died Feb. 16, 1866) Edwards married Mary Overton who also was born in 1788. They were married Dec. 21 1813 and had two children Maria and Floyd Edwards. Floyd Edwards married Sarah (Sally) Ann Hawkins in 1851.

The last of the Edwards to live in the old home was Victor Edwards.

edwards today

2015, location of the former Edward's home. The pond behind the road according to town records was called Flax Pond.

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